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  About us
In the beginning of the year 2009, we have seen a radical change in the liquid market where the small parcels are becoming a reality. Though previously shunned by the traders and exporters, the present economic recession had sudden push these parcels into the forefront especially with the drastic reduction of container freight rates. These small parcels between 100 to 2000 metric tons require the use of flexitanks as the least expensive alternative form of packaging. Now with the depressed market situation, the need to introduce the re - useable flexitank is inevitable.

Therefore, Multi - Flexi Technologies Pte Ltd was formed to introduce the new TPU Re - useable flexibags to the exporters looking for a more reliable and least expensive form of transporting bulk liquids.

Multi - Flexi Technologies Pte Ltd are constantly at the forefront of technological change and strive to develop reliable and yet cost effective flexibags and related accessories to reputed customers worldwide

Multi - Flexi Technologies Pte Ltd has extensive network in the region, including Malaysia (Pasir Gudang, Port Klang and Penang), Indonesia, China, Parkistan, Korea, Japan and the Middle East. We also have dedicated flexitank repair and cleaning depots strategically located in Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Korea.
Multi Flexi | Multi - Trips Flexibags | Flexitank Service