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  Multi - Flexi Technologies Pte Ltd

All the above characteristics made our flexibags extremely durable and ideal for carrying various bulk liquid Non DG (dangerous) and even edible products such as Palm Oils, Glycerine, Beer and Beer Syrup, Wine, Fruit Juices / Concentrates, Vegetable Oils, Polyols, Coconut Oils, Fish Oils, Food Additives, Glucose, Sorbitol, Tallow, Fructose, Corn Oil and Corn Syrup, Malt Extracts, Drinking Water, Tomato Paste, Molasses, Edible Oil for foodstuff, Detergents, Base Oils, Lube Oils, Mineral Water, White Oil, Transformer Oil, Lubricants, Oil and Chemical Additives, Paraffin Wax / Wax, Printing Inks, Paints, Emulsions, Fertilizers, Natural and Synthetic Latex, Plasticisers, Non-Hazardous Chemicals / Specialty Chemicals, Surfactants, Herbicides, Crude Oil, Fuel Oil, Diesel, Biodiesel, Tung Oil, Castor Oil, Oleo Chemicals, Bitumen Emulsion, Rust Inhibitors and Printing Inks etc….

We provide a full suite of flexitank services which includes insulation for the containers, disposable and metal heating pads as well as the electric heaters which are developed specifically to meet market expectations and customers requirements.

We are constantly at the forefront of the industry towards helping our customers in exploring solutions to reduce their bulk liquid logistics costs, and has extensive network in Malaysia, Indonesia, Parkistan, India, China, Middle East and many parts of the world.
Multi Flexi | Multi - Trips Flexibags | Flexitank Service